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  1. Rabbiya at | | Reply

    works. thanks a lot!

  2. dreamer at | | Reply


  3. […] (source code originally found at youness.net) […]

  4. Luis at | | Reply

    Nice ! Thanks…

  5. sysadmin at | | Reply

    The BEST !

  6. Marcel Bootsman at | | Reply

    Thanks, works great!

    Small addition to also modify your lockscreen wallpaper use:
    `gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver picture-uri file:///tmp/wallpaper.jpg`

  7. Hussein El Motayam at | | Reply


    Just a correction, the shebang is wrong:
    should be:

  8. […] (source code originally found at youness.net) […]

  9. Brian at | | Reply

    it’s possible to use a key-word to set the wallpapers? For example if you set it to “Forest” the wallpapers are going to be random but only using the images of the “Forest” search result on unsplash. (some of the apps in other OS let you do this). how ever thank you for the script, is really cool!

  10. FloWzoW at | | Reply

    Hmm sometimes the wallpaper is just flickering while executing the script and finally black
    there might be a problem with gsettings with my system, but i cant figure it out.

    thanks anyway!

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