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  1. Donald Iocco at | | Reply

    Having the same exact issues. Oneplus is no help whatsoever. Never had these update issues with any phone I have owned, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei and LG. I am going to try to VPN to Canada and see if the international version works? I just saw the trade-in program for the Oneplus 7 Pro but only $200 for 5T when I paid over $400 a year and half ago. And then can you Trust you wont have problems with that phone updating. I think I am just going to get the Pixel 3A. Thank you for this experience, documentary.

  2. Jesper at | | Reply

    Oh wow, I don’t even know how I found this page, but very nice of you to share your issues, workarounds etc. Thank you!

    I have 5T and OOS 5.1.2 which I’m planning to upgrade to 9.0.11. So… download 9.0.11, then click “local upgrade” and then select the OTA image in the root directory. And that’s it? Any suggestions? No need to take backups of my data since this is a new phone. (yes, odd, new 5T in 2021…)

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