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  1. Chuck w at | | Reply

    Followed your instructions on a fresh install of Raspbian Jesse light and pairing with Amazon echo. I’m able to pair successfully but I only see Amazon as a source and not as a sink (as reported by pactl command). Also, Amazon echo goes silent – I’m assuming that it is sending it’s audio to raspberry pi. I’d there anything I can do to make the echo pair as a sink?

  2. Philippe Rigaux at | | Reply

    Hi, thx for your article. I try to send music to my car audio, I can pair /trust and connect to the car audio.

    But the car audio says “audio paused” it seems to wait to receive a command before to actually play the inputed audio. Using hciconfig I can sent the bytes being send trough Bluetooth..

    Do you have an idea?



  3. Britton Kerin at | | Reply

    An addition: turns out that to avoid terrible choppy slow playback I had to turn scan off once the pairing was all set up (using ‘scan off’ command from bluetoothctl). This could be an issue with my particular bluetooth speaker but if it affects one it probably affects many.

    And my last comment about making sure to unplug the wired headphones was nonsense and should be moderated out of existence if possible.

  4. Dotan Gershony at | | Reply

    Very interesting Post, big thanks for sharing.
    I managed to connect my speaker ok and tried streaming a longer .ogg file. Every time I try it keeps on getting stuck. so far I didn’t manage to get it unstuck and had to reboot the Pi. tried to turn scan off too.
    any Ideas?

    Dotan Gershony

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