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  1. Peter at | | Reply

    I tried your steps on Raspberry Pi Zero and Orange Pi Zero with USB Bluetooth dongle and I have the same problem on both devices:
    [bluetooth]# connect 00:E0:4C:1B:22:F9
    Attempting to connect to 00:E0:4C:1B:22:F9
    Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed

    grep -i bluetooth /var/log/syslog :
    localhost bluetoothd[436]: Sap driver initialization failed.
    localhost bluetoothd[436]: sap-server: Operation not permitted ( 1)
    localhost NetworkManager[440]: Loaded device plugin: /usr /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/NetworkManager/libnm-device-plugin-bluetooth.so
    localhost bluetoothd[436]: Confirm name timed out for hci0
    localhost bluetoothd[436]: a2dp-sink profile connect failed for 00:E0:4C:1B:22:F9: Protocol not available

    Can you please help me ?

  2. windyfly at | | Reply

    I got error requesting gpg keys. It says the key can’t be retrieved, no valid OpenPGP data found.

    Find the following cmd works.

    sudo apt-key adv –recv-key –keyserver pgpkeys.mit.edu

    You may also want to query over typical port 80

  3. Phil at | | Reply

    Hi, thanks a lot for posting this instruction set. I am going to buy a raspberry pi in the very near future in order to replicate this project. I have been trying to find a dedicated bluetooth Tx/Rx with onboard sound for a while, to no avail. I thought raspberry pi might be a solution; so was very grateful to stumble across your post.

  4. Diego at | | Reply

    Mate you are legend!!! Thank you for sharing you collected knowledge in this post.

  5. b789 at | | Reply

    Hi, thank for this post, it helped a lot in making my headset working as ad2p sink to listen music.
    Still the built in play/pause buttons on the headset aren’t working. I kinda undertand that AVRCP is needed for this to work but i didn’t undertand what exactly it is and if there is any chance of getting it working on the raspberry. Do you have any hint in this regard ?

  6. Alex at | | Reply

    Hello Youness, everything was working fine until the very end: when I attempt to pair the headset, it tells me that: “failed to connect to device – could not connect to PulseAudio. try to connect again.” I tied pulseaudio –start, but the same error comes up. Any thoughts?

    1. Alex at | | Reply

      Further to above, I got further now (had to do a clean install of Raspbian 8), but now when I run:
      pacmd set-default-source bluez_source.xx_xx_xx_xx_xx_xx (I used the actual MAC address)
      I get a response:
      Source bluez_source.xx_xx_xx_xx_xx_xx does not exist
      The sink command (pacmd set-default-sink bluez_sink.xx_xx_xx_xx_xx_xx) worked.

  7. Emil Borconi-Szedressy at | | Reply

    Just to give you a 3rd method as well.

    Add stretch source to the sources and install/update pulseaudio & bluez will work nicely. If you dare you can do a full system upgrade as well but you might end up with some things not working.

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