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  1. […] on how to connect Raspberry Pi to CAN Bus. http://youness.net/raspberry-pi/raspberry-pi-can-bus. […]

  2. Michael J. Kidd at | | Reply

    Great write up.

    While I’m sure many appreciate the details of the circuits involved, I’d bet others would appreciate knowing a Pi hat exists for this purpose.

    SKPang had the PiCAN2 board which I’ve used extensively for the past 3 years in various projects. He has single and dual bus board as well as a variety which includes a 12v to 5v SMPS that works great for vehicle projects.

    Note: I’m not affiliated with SKPang other that being a customer.

  3. Michael J. Kidd at | | Reply

    Youness, thanks! That’s what I get for not browsing your blog more… 😉

  4. Yahya EL Gaoual at | | Reply

    Thank you so much, such a great blog

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